Where local comes first! A Bristol based company, servicing Bristol and the surrounding area. Where local comes first! A Bristol based company, servicing Bristol and the surrounding area.
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Support Services

Support Services

We get the job done right - no matter what it takes. Our teams are able to tackle cleaning projects of all sizes.

Our depth of experience means we know all the issues involved and can devise the best cleaning plan for your premises.

Our specialist support services cover the following areas:

Washroom services

A poorly presented washroom can reflect badly on your company, make your staff unhappy, as well as being a potential health and safety hazard. Keeping your washroom environments clean and hygienic is a vital step to ensuring your company is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit and work in. Fairway can provide a periodic cleaning plan to ensure your washrooms are clean and safe.

We can also provide all the products you need, including sanitising facilities, feminine hygiene units, hand drying equipment, baby changing units, air fresheners and vending machines.

Supply of paper products

Keeping your Washroom areas inviting and clean entails even the smallest elements, like hand towels and soap dispensers, are properly cared for and supplied appropriately. Our Washroom services are fully complemented by the extensive range of paper products and related materials that we supply, including: paper hand towels, toilet tissues, tissue dispensers, as well as hand soap products.

At Fairway we pride ourselves on detailed attention to all aspects of the cleaning service, and as a result our paper products are wholly integrated into other aspects of the service we provide. As such, we offer supplies that will exactly match your requirements, ranging from our highly convenient and functional own-label products, through to premium-branded and luxury products, such as Kleenex and Kimberley Clark.

Grounds maintenance

The environment that surrounds your business space presents a very important first impression to clients, and potential clients. Whether it’s flower beds by your front entrance, or extensive grounds, having well-tended and landscaped exterior spaces can maximize the appearance and attractiveness of your company. We offer maintenance plans that specifically address your particular needs whether they are small or large. Our aim is to provide a reliable and quality service that offers long term care, as well as a quick response should any unforeseen problems arise through adverse weather conditions.

We can provide a range of services from extensive landscaping to simple grass-cutting and we always work within industry standards, taking full consideration of health and safety procedures and the environmental impact of our services.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants

As well as taking care of your exterior landscaping needs, we can maintain plants indoors too. Keeping plants in your office spaces has decorative appeal, but also has a dramatic consequence on emotional well-being of staff as they are a simple but effective way to alleviate anxiety or stress, and encourage feelings of relaxation.

At Fairway we understand the power of indoor plants to business environments, and are committed to ensuring that they remain well-presented and healthy.

Sanitary and waste disposal

Certain waste is bound to ‘duty of care’ legislation, which means that it requires management to the point of disposal. Specialised disposal of waste is a key service provided by Fairway, who ensure your business complies to government standards of waste disposal.

We can also carry out more general waste services, providing companies with a range of equipment for disposal of a variety of waste as well as collection services which take into account environmental and confidential concerns.

Recycling and secure document disposal

Recycling is an important business issue, particularly in the context of increasing legislation and commitment to environmental management (ISO 14000). Maximising the potential of your company’s recycling however, can be tricky and time consuming. Fairway can help you meet the challenges of diminishing your business’ impact on the environment, by organising your recycling systems and offering more detailed advice for ways in which you can reduce waste and your energy consumption.

This concern with your environmental impact is fully integrated with our expertise in handling secure document disposal. Identity fraud is significant potential threat to any business, whether they have commitments to client or product confidentiality or simply need to dispose of their own records safely. We offer a range of solutions to handling confidential waste, whether your requirements are in-house or need to be taken care of off-site, including secure collection and destruction.

Archive storage

For any business, the storage of documents can be tricky. They require a great deal of space, but also need to be easily accessible. An effective archiving system that is straightforward and easy to use is essential. While at the same economical use of space is a top priority, particularly if your business has limited storage facilities. Fairway is committed to combining these two priorities and offering bespoke services that understand the way your business uses information and are specially designed for your particular needs when it comes to archiving.

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