Where local comes first! A Bristol based company, servicing Bristol and the surrounding area. Where local comes first! A Bristol based company, servicing Bristol and the surrounding area.
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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

We get the job done right - no matter what it takes. Our teams are willing and equally able to tackle the most challenging and the most straightforward cleaning projects, from one-off deep cleans to long-term regular contracts.

Whether you’re a catering professional or an office manager; whether you run a business from a twelve-storey office building, or from a single office suite, Fairway can design a cleaning programme to suit your needs. Our cleaning services will help your business meet professional standards, enhance your firm’s reputation and improve your staff’s working environment. Fairway have 7 years of experience in all aspects of cleaning services, meaning we can devise the best cleaning plan for your premises.

Office Cleaning

Your office is the ‘shop window’ of your business. Keeping your boardroom sparkling clean, your telephones free of dust and your windows smear-free are all a crucial part of maintaining a professional appearance and impressing potential clients. Regular cleaning services for your premises are also cost effective in the long term, since laminate, wood flooring and carpets will deteriorate much more quickly if they are not regularly cleaned by professionals. On top of that, your staff will appreciate the efforts to keep their workspace environment fresh-smelling and spotless.

Fairway has been providing office cleaning services for Bristol businesses since 2003. Our experience in all aspects of office cleaning means we can tailor make the best cleaning plan for your premises. From the basic daily tasks such as washroom hygiene to more specialist tasks like care of carpets, walls or ceilings, hardwood or laminate floors, windows, telephones and desk PCs- Fairway can look after all aspects of cleaning of an office building.

We can create a one-off package, for a deep clean, or set up a regular service after assessing your initial requirements. And because Fairway have invested in well trained staff, transport, products and equipment to keep their current clients satisfied, you can be reassured your office cleaning service will be professional, reliable and cost-effective.

Kitchen Cleaning

Window Cleaning

To ensure the safety of our staff, Fairway has invested in the Reach and Wash System providing cost effective cleaning of windows to 60ft without the need for safety ropes and in compliance with Health and Safety requrements.

The system is designed to use pure Ionised water, leaving your windows with a smear free sparkling finish after removing detergent residue that attracts dust.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens are busy, messy places. Producing food in large quantities, every day of the week for long hours, will almost certainly lead to grease, oil and food residue building up in your expensive equipment; on hidden parts of grills, ovens, fryers and hot cupboards. This will not only look unpleasant, and become sticky or smelly, but it will ultimately lead to hard, heavy carbon deposits. These carbon deposits are a breeding ground for bacteria, as any catering professional knows. Not only that, they can cut into your profits- since carbon build-up can affect the accuracy of thermostats leading to improper cooking temperatures. So, improperly cleaned equipment can lead to a costly replacement purchase.

As experts in Food Safety and Hygiene, Fairway knows how little encouragement bacteria needs to grow, and what to do to tackle the problem. It’s probable that your own staff simply don’t have enough hours in the day to keep your commercial kitchen clean to the level required. But business owners need to make sure their kitchens are complying with legislation and up to professional safety standards.

Help is at hand with Fairway’s kitchen cleaning experts. We have the specialist staff, the equipment, the experience and the knowledge to design a regular cleaning program for your kitchen premises, or to tackle a one-off deep clean and advise you on the most appropriate cleaning methods for your catering business. Contact us today to find out more about different commercial kitchen cleaning methods and how we can help your kitchen equipment stay spotless and up to standards- meaning you have one less worry in the day-to-day running of your catering business.


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